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Learn to Skate Today!

No access to a skating rink? No worries! ​Learn to level up your skating at home and ​at your own pace.

Hey, y’all!

Are you ready to lace up those skates and level up?

Welcome to the home of Punk Skates, a place for skaters to ​grow in their roller skating journey. Whether you are learning ​how to skate in your living room or working in the gym to ​become a better derby skater, there are resources for you.

I skated for years before it really dawned on me that there was a ​correlation between my skating and how I managed myself ​outside of practice. Cross-training, what I chose to eat, and how ​I got rest all were pivotal in my growth on and off the track.

I’m happy to share this information with you to help you level ​up your game! Read more about ways that you can work with ​me​ ​b​e​low!

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How you can work with me...

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Connect with me on Patreon!

Ready to get started on your skate journey in the comfort of your own home? Join me on my Patreon and have access to an entire library of lessons. There’s 0 guesswork and all skills are taught in order. Starting at $15 a month!

Join Derb Your Enthusiasm!

Ready to take your roller derby skating to the next level? Footwork and laps around the track can get you far in derby. But if you’re ready to add some heavy metal to your routine, this one’s for you. Get 3 months for $300!

Clinics and Workshops

Do you and a few friends want to get together and work n some skills? Maybe your whole league? From coaching individuals to running full-length sold out MVP classes at RollerCon, I’ve been honored to work with skaters from all over the world. Let’s get it in the books! Contact for pricing.

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What You Can Learn At Home

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Gold Level Skills

Getting Up, falling safely, plow stopping, one-foot balance, bubbles, edges, and more!

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Platinum Level Skills

Sloloms, crossovers, backwards crossovers, T-stops, and more!

People Wearing Roller Skates

Diamond Level Skills

Side surfing, turn-around toe stopping, forward cross-behind, C-turns, even more stopping!

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Derb Your Enthusiasm

Nutrition Plans For Performance

Punk tested, Junkyard ​approved. Get custom ​guidance for your role on the ​track and body. You’ll learn ​how to prioritize what ​nutrients.

Weekly Group Check-ins

Build community with other like-minded roller derby athletes from across the US in a casual weekly virtual call. Bring all of your questions about roller derby, food and lifting!

Programming for Gains

Forget trying to figure out which TikTok workout will give you a stronger booty. Leave the Pinterest board full of cardio workouts you never got to behind.

Experience You Can Trust

Junkyard has 10 years of experience as a strongman competitor and coach, and has a degree in Exercise Science. All programming and nutrition is based on his experience.

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Helping beginner skaters since ​2013.

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Get in touch

Call: +1 386-847-034​4

Email: heatherlylesmktg@gmail.c​om


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